Abreast side by side

Private project

Abreast side by side is a bespoke bench + shelf designed for a private kitchen. It fulfills the wishes to store bulky items, put decorative objects on display and to provide comfortable seating for a full house/apartment gathering.

Wooden laths run from one wall to the other, shaping a bench and two shelves on the way. As a decorative detail and to avoid utensils from falling down the gaps, green semi-transparent sheets of plexiglass are placed on top of each shelf. For comfortable seating, cushions and a mattress designed by Francobaranco dress the bench area.

Design by Studio Demos
Cushions and mattress by Francobaranco, Adina Asplund
Manufactured by Andy McDavitt.

Material: solid pine and plexi
Treatment: clear varnish
Dimensions: H 1900 mm, W 1900 mm, D 445 mm
Year: 2021


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